Best Golf Irons for Beginners Review

If you have just started playing golf, you may have realized one thing – it is addictive. As much as you can enjoy exercises and workouts at the gym, golf takes you to a higher level. You will have that sudden wanting to play better every time. Skills are definitely honed through practice, but what good do your skills have if you don’t have the right equipment? Owning your own reliable golf set is essential to take you to different heights. If you do not have a set of your own yet, check our best golf irons for beginners review to know more about your potential sets.

Best Golf Irons for Beginners Review

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

If you are looking for a set that you can instantly pick up and work your magic on, the TaylorMade SIM MaxIrons is worth checking out. This is loved for its sleek and sophisticated design. This is also commended for its great turf interaction. With this set of clubs, you can be sure that you are to get a great deal of forgiveness as you hone your skills over time.

It has a revolutionary speed bridge technology that allows you to unlock explosive distance and forgiveness while getting enhanced sound and feel. It features an ECHO damping system that utilizes an energy channeling geometry that gets rid of harsh impact and vibration. As for its speed pocket, you can count on a patented TaylorMade technology to give you more flexibility in increasing your ball speed on low face strikes.

It has an ultra-thin 1.5mm face design combined with a progressive inverted cone technology for more sweet spots and straighter ball flights. You can also count on its progressive inverted con technology for minimized side spins on missed hits.


  • Speed bridge technology for explosive forgiveness and distance
  • ECHO damping system for eliminating harsh vibrations at impact
  • Speed pocket for increased ball speed and flexibility
  • Ultra-thin face for the improved sweet spot and straighter ball flights


  • A little low on the spin rate

Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Golf Iron Set

The Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Golf Iron Set is among beginners’ favorites. This is because of its high-strength to weight ratio and malleability. Its Chromoly lets you in on a bendable hosel for fitting and a high strength face. As for its launches and stability, you can count on its open heel design to deliver.

A lot of users are commending it for its seamless construction – a one-piece cupped geometry that facilitates better feedback at high ball speeds. It has sound ribs that are re-engineered to hit certain vibrations to leave a crisp sound at impact. In terms of durability, this set can prove to be one of the best. It is crafted with solid chrome plating and a durable pearl finish to soften the JPXx919’s lines in sunlight.


  • Bendable hosel for fitting
  • Chromoly facilitates high strength to weight ratio and malleability
  • Designed to deliver excellent stability and launches
  • Seamless construction for better feedback at high ball speeds
  • Re-engineered sound ribs for crisp sound at impact
  • Durable and built to last for a long time


  • Some users find it stiff

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Iron Set

If you want to try something new, check out the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Iron Set. It features Artificial Intelligence in their irons. You can count on it to give your ball speed and spin robustness a boost thanks to its sophisticated face architecture found in every loft.

It also has tungsten-infused weights that are customized that let you determine the center of gravity in every iron for maximum precision while still keeping that ball speed going. This paves the way to getting optimum launches and ball flight. Harsh vibrations are never a problem with this set too because it has patented urethane microspheres that absorb harsh vibrations too well while making the most of the COR for amazing ball speed.


  • Artificial intelligence and sophisticated face architecture for increased robustness and ball speed
  • Tungsten-infused weights for optimum launches and ball flight
  • Patented urethane microspheres for amazing ball speed and absorbing harsh vibrations
  • Increased forgiveness, easy launches, and fastball speeds


  • Distance control is not too impressive

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete 12 Piece Package Set

If you are aspiring to be a pro golfer, the Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete 12 Piece Package Set is the perfect set to start with. This includes a driver, 3 wood, 6 9-iron, 5 hybrid, PW, putter, 2 headcovers, and a stand bag. The woods in this set come with a lightweight forged driver, a titanium head, and an oversized 3-wood with an aerodynamic head shape. These make up a larger sweet spot, more forgiveness, and higher flying shots.

As for its hybrid, it serves as a good alternative for long irons as it gives you more flexibility and confidence in your shots. The irons or wedges for this set are made to grant you maximum forgiveness and control. Meanwhile, the mallet putter makes way for incredible accuracy throughout the game. And to make the deal sweeter, it comes with a sturdy lightweight bag with five pockets that are conveniently placed.


  • Complete set with a sturdy, lightweight bag
  • Woods give larger sweet spots, more forgiveness, higher-flying shots
  • Hybrids for better flexibility and confidence in shots
  • Wedges or irons for maximum forgiveness
  • Putter for amazing accuracy


  • Brand not embedded in the set


With the number of golf equipment available in the market, it can be hard to choose which one to go for. For beginners, choosing the right set to go with is one of the hardest things to do. This is because some sets are made to work great for pro-golfers, while some are meant to work well for beginners. If you are looking for equipment that will help you step up your game, you can read about each one to know whether these suit your preference and whether one of these will work well to your advantage.